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Adventure (Acoustic) 396

Adventure (Acoustic)

Angels & Airwaves

Do It For Me (Acoustic) 185

Do It For Me (Acoustic)

Angels & Airwaves

Distraction (Acoustic) 148

Distraction (Acoustic)

Angels & Airwaves

Valkyrie Missle (Acoustic) 259

Valkyrie Missle (Acoustic)

Angels & Airwaves

Attention (Acoustic) 8,913

Attention (Acoustic)

Charlie Puth

Kill Em With Kindness (Acoustic) 1,717

Kill Em With Kindness (Acoustic)

Selena Gomez

Scared To Be Lonely (Acoustic) 2,590

Scared To Be Lonely (Acoustic)

Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa

Ramona 543


Night Beds

Willow Tree March 458

Willow Tree March

The Paper Kites

Closing Time (Semisonic) 643

Closing Time (Semisonic)

Alex Goot, Chad Sugg

Horse To Water 348

Horse To Water

Tall Heights

Summer Vibe 459

Summer Vibe

Walk Off The Earth

1973 (Acoustic) 740

1973 (Acoustic)

James Blunt

O Holy Night 335

O Holy Night

Deep Sea Diver

Delicate 330


Damien Rice

Winter Prayers 331

Winter Prayers

Iron & Wine

Umbrella (acoustic) 1,967

Umbrella (acoustic)


Die Young (Acoustic) 397

Die Young (Acoustic)


Toxic (Acoustic Version). 805

Toxic (Acoustic Version).

Britney Spears

Timber (Acoustic Version) 1,000

Timber (Acoustic Version)

Pitbull, Ke$ha

Cool Kids (Acoustic) 700

Cool Kids (Acoustic)


21 (Acoustic) 391

21 (Acoustic)

Hunter Hayes

Perfume (Acoustic) 639

Perfume (Acoustic)

Britney Spears

Stronger (Acoustic) 752

Stronger (Acoustic)

Kelly Clarkson

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